Nano Doctor

Everybody is sick and you are afraid to get infected by a virus.

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Kills virus from the outside

Due to «dome of purity» viruses and bacteria are destroyed before entering the organism

Inno-colloid – an innovative company, that sells unique materials and products. Company`s portfolio consists of 8 unique products, 1 unique laboratory based on the leading Russian ITMO University and 26 young scientists. We provide materials for business and do not work with retail.

For investors and partners we offer the following

Selling of a «formula» through the blockchain platform with the transfer of the administrative key when signing the agreement.
Becoming a dealer or an exclusive license (shall be discussed individually).
Cryptocurrency is fully supported.
Direct investment

How does Nano Doctor work?

Nano Doctor is a unique Virus and Bacteria Blocker. The main active substance is Chlorine Dioxide. The Nano Doctor represents a cartridge with the active substance which forms a «dome of purity» after extraction.

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A unique storage technology

We created a technology, which allows the selective absorption of Chlorine Dioxide for the further desorption of the active substance into the surrounding environment. The matrix we have developed serves as a special container for the storage of only one substance and according to it completely excludes the probability of being penetrated by any other more dangerous chlorine containing molecules.

The exact data on each package

We use block chain process of quality control which allows each owner of the product to read one of the kind QR code on the package of the product to learn the item`s complete chain of production, to include: who packed it and when; the expiration date and the shipment route. Most importantly – the company ”Inno-Colloids” gives the end user full access to data on the concentration of the active component and ensuring the ability to fully control the safety of the use of our product.

Packaged by Ignatiev A.A
Packaged in Moscow
Date of package 07.03.2018
Expiration date 07.03.2022
Shipment route Paris
Concentration of the active component 2.5%

Optimal scaling

We provide you the opportunity to choose the size and shape of the packaging for yourself, ensuring that our product is suitable for both personal use, as well as large-scale application. For instance: big institutes, manufacturing facilities, offices. We suggest the use of our product for filling instrument elements for personal protection, filter elements for air ventilation systems, offices and industrial facilities, automobiles ventilation systems and many others

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